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Have you ever considered Permanent Lip Liner?
Are you tired of refreshing your lip liner and/or lipstick several times during the day? Do the current all day lipsticks brands make your lips dry or chapped? Would you like a professional opinion regarding the appearance of your lips and what can be accomplished with permanent cosmetics toward a more symmetric and fuller appearance? Is your inventory of $20 lipsticks getting financially out of hand and a burden to keep fresh and environmentally clean?Do you wish you had some of the natural coloring you had when you were younger?
If so, Permanent Cosmetic Lip Liner is for you!

A natural appearing permanent cosmetic lip liner can be applied to give more definition, correct uneven lips, which will result in a fuller appearance. The procedure also helps prevent lipstick from bleeding and can minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Full lip color can be applied in either a natural hue or a more vivid one. Because the coloring and shape of the natural lip is unpredictable, it's common to have a consultation before the actual procedure. At the consultation, your color and shape objectives and probability of success with permanent cosmetic pigments and techniques will be discussed with you in detail.
Sometimes lip liner alone can look artificial.
If the color compliments your skin tone or you really like the look of a definitive line around the lips, then lip liner may be a good choice for you. If your choice of color contrasts with your skin tone, a full lip color procedure is a better choice. Remember, small lips will only look smaller with a defining lip liner so a full lip procedure is recommended in this case as well.

If you want to look your best at all times, it may be time for a change from your traditional makeup routine. Much of what can be offered to you in the way of color change will be based on your natural lip coloring. Although natural is always recommended, there are a variety of colors available. 
Natural colors will look like your natural lip.
...But better, just as if you were born with luscious lips. You can always put opaque lipstick over any permanent lip color to change your look, depending on your outfit, mood or special occasion.
Because lips have a natural cool undertone, matching a specific desirable color is dependant upon the canvas the pigment is to be applied to.
The final shape of the lip is incredible important. For clients who want to have larger appearing lips, usually going to the very outer limits of the vermilion edge of the lip itself is sufficient.
Immediately after the tattooing process:
The color will appear very vibrant. Within a few days the outer layer of the tattooing will exfoliate. Many times this exfoliation process is inconsistent with the lips. It's important not to disturb the on-going exfoliation process by picking at portions of the lip that have not begun to heal. After approximately a week, the majority of the residual lip tattooing has exfoliated off the entire lip area. The lips are somewhat tender and often remain that way to the touch for several weeks.
This is why it is recommended to wait a minimum of six to eight weeks before the follow up procedure. Within this waiting period the lips will appear different. They may take on a "frosty" appearance for a few days off and on. They may appear more vibrant if the body is unusually warm (as an example after a warm shower.)
Conversely they may appear duller if the body is unusually cool (as example if you live in an area that has a cold climate or on a ski trip, etc.) Within the six-eight week period the lip color settles in and the color seen in the final color resulting from the lip tattoo process. When you return for your follow up appointment the appearance of the color and design will be discussed and any adjustments will be made as appropriate.